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Top Business Thoughts is a Pure business-related niche website where you can submit a guest post related to any kind of business. We are offering guest post services on the following topics:

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Investment
  • Startups
  • Marketing
  • Staffing & HR
  • Business & Resources

Article Requirements are mention below:

We don’t Believe in long requirements, but there are a few points which you need to follow before Writing to our blog.

  • At Top business thoughts, we are only accepting original article which is not published anywhere before.
  • You’ll be allowed to add only a single link in the Article body which will be Do-follow.
  • We don’t prefer affiliate links. For Affiliate links, we will charge some fee.
  • Two Do-Follow Backlinks in the Body in Just $20 Fixed.
  • An article well writes and it should be around 800 to 1000 words or above. Less than 700 words Article will not be acceptable.
  • An article Should be free from grammatical mistakes.
  • At last, one featured image is necessary.
  • If your Article Approve and Published. Then it’s our property and you cannot be published anywhere else.
  • Most Importantly must write 3 to 4 FAQs related to Your Article. FAQs are imperative without them Article not be accepted.

Guideline to be followed while writing an Article:

  • Headings/ Subheadings Must be Creative eye-catching and reflect Paragraph which will be helpful to engage a visitor
  • Try to Add Bullets Points where needed.
  • Use short sentences around15 words is best enough.
  • Avoid difficult words and try to minimum uses of passive voice words
  • Also, write a unique “Meta Description” which limited to 150 characters

Just email us at (topbusinessthoughts at Gmail dot com) for any query, or you can send us your article and we will respond to you in a short time.

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